Animal Healing with Australian Bush Flower Essences

Wir haben mit unserer letzten Lieferung aus Australien auch wieder einige Exemplare dieses Buchs (in englischer Sprache) erhalten. Greifen Sie zu solange der Vorrat reicht!

A must read book for animal lovers everywhere, ANIMAL HEALING with AUSTRALIAN BUSH FLOWER ESSENCES gives very practical hints for keeping your animals fit and happy as well as dealing with their problems of health and behaviour.

This carefully researched book gives extraordinary insights into the emotional world of your animals and explores the healing powers of Australian Bush Flower Essences.

As well as a physical and emotional repertory this book covers chapters on:

  • Animals and their humans
  • New animal arrives
  • Communication and Training
  • Overcoming fear and related problems
  • Stress, depression and other problems
  • Resolving behavioural problems
  • Grieving and Love
  • Breeding and Fertility
  • Ageing, slowing down and dying
  • Animal Spirituality
  • Living in zoos, farms or the Wild
  • Physical ailments

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